What to Do with the Burst Water Main

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When you have a busted water main, you might get stressed in an instant. Water is splattering all over your property, causing havoc on your possessions and increasing your anxiety. You can avoid panic mode and manage your water main burst with confidence if you have a little information and preparation ahead of time.

Before we get into the right procedure for dealing with water main bursts, you should know what your first priority is: Call a Professional Plumber! Your first line of defence against major water main damage will be to call a plumber. Your initial thinking and plan of action should be to turn off the water line to the house.

Find The Main Water Shut Off Value

Turn off the main water valve first. What exactly are we talking about? However, that is a useful knowledge to have ahead of time. Imagine yourself in one of two circumstances.

Situation 1

You have a ruptured water main emergency and are running all over the place seeking for the dang shut off valve while water is shooting everywhere. You look in the basement, crawl areas, and around the water heater for anything suspicious. Is there a main water shutoff valve within the home? Perhaps it’s hidden underneath that metal cover by the road. You’re all tangled up now!

Situation 2

You have a ruptured water main emergency! You’ve called a plumber, and you’ve swiftly turned off the water to the house, since you know where the main water shut off valve is. You’ve successfully accomplished the first two (and most crucial) stages in dealing with a ruptured water main. Give yourself a pat on the back — you’re a capable homeowner!

As a result, this is a good time to find the location of the main water shutoff valve. That crucial piece of knowledge might mean the difference between confidently addressing a busted water main and spinning out of control in agitation.

Drain All The Faucets To Help The Water Main Burst

The next step in water main burst repair is to drain all faucets. The majority of water main bursts occur during the winter, when the water inside the pipes freezes and expands. You alleviate additional pressure by removing the surplus water from the plumbing system, especially if the water has a chance to freeze. Drain the excess water from the pipes by turning on the cold water taps. Don’t forget about the restrooms.

Now Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater And Drain The Hot Taps

Turn off the water heater and empty the hot taps after tapping the cold water faucets. Additionally, allowing warm air into your home might aid in the circulation of your water pipes. You might raise the temperature, open cupboard doors that contain pipes, or use a hairdryer to defrost a frozen pipe.

Call Experts For Help

For instance, Plumber Wollongong will respond swiftly and effectively to a busted water main emergency in Wollongong. Our guidance, preventive suggestions, and service are all provided with the goal of providing you with the best possible service. We are professionals in water main repair and provide our services at a reasonable cost.