3 Signs That Your Plumbing Needs to Be Replaced

Concerns about your plumbing are understandable, especially if you live in an older house. Plumbing is estimated to account for around 60% of all household repairs. According to Plumber Experts in Wollongong, “about 30% of new homeowners see their ideal property turn into a nightmare because they did not discover plumbing problems before making their purchase.” 

This is the unfortunate reality. We cannot overestimate the importance of having good plumbing and keeping it in good working order. Plumbing is one of the most utilized elements of our homes on a regular basis, and it will develop issues after a few years. Nothing lasts forever, including plumbing.

  • You notice Leaking Pipes

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. You may believe that a single leaky pipe would not cause major issues. Even if there is only one little pipe that is leaking, it cannot be ignored. Why? It is fair to assume that your plumbing was installed with the building of your home, therefore your pipes will be the same age. If one pipe leaks, it won’t be long before the others do as well.

  • The faucet is Leaking Brown or Yellow Water

Because of a rusted water heater tank, yellowish water may occasionally flow from the faucet. However, most of the time this is due to rust from your pipes mingling with your water. When you return from a trip or any time when you haven’t used the water, it’s wise to check to see whether your pipes are leaching rust. When water has been sitting in the pipes for a while and you can see brown or yellow water. It is an indication that certain pipes need to be replaced soon.

  • You have installed polybutylene or lead pipes.

You must replace your pipes immediately, regardless of their age. Polybutylene pipes are of low quality and can break. If you have this sort of pipe in your plumbing, it should be replaced. Polybutylene pipes are prone to failure, whereas lead pipes are hazardous to your health. 

If you have lead pipes, you must replace them immediately. Why? Lead from your pipes will seep into your drinking water, posing a significant health risk. If you have lead pipes, whether old or new, they must be replaced immediately.

When it comes to pipe replacement, you should always refer to a professional plumber. We want to emphasize that you should always do business with certified plumbers since plumbing is difficult and may be dangerous if done incorrectly. Plumber Wollongong experts plumbers would be delighted to assist you. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will respond to your plumbing requirements.